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If you can tear yourself away from our panoramic rooftop terrace, there are plenty of leisure and sports opportunities waiting for you in the surrounding area. The sun-drenched town of Appiano offers a uniquely scenic backdrop for your outdoor pursuits. In summer, you can take long walks in the mountains, a dip in the lake or a swing on a spectacular golf course. In winter, the ski slopes and toboggan runs of the nearby Dolomites, Mt. Mendola, and the Merano 2000 ski area will guarantee a great ski holiday. If you are visiting during the Advent season, don’t miss the opportunity to soak up the romantic atmosphere of the South Tyrolean Christmas markets.

Summer pursuits in

pristine natural surroundings

Don’t let the comforts of your designer suite stop you from exploring the many attractions waiting for you out there! As an alternative to our pool, you can cool down in the Ice Holes in San Michele, near Appiano, where an interesting physical phenomenon keeps the temperature between 0 and 9 degrees C even on the hottest summer days. The two Monticolo lakes are equally refreshing, along with Lake Caldaro – the largest and warmest bathing lake in South Tyrol. The Monticolo and Caldaro lakes are separated by a charming area known as the Spring valley, which thanks to a particularly mild climate enjoys an early bloom at the beginning of March. When you are tired of winter and looking forward to a foretaste of spring, this is the perfect destination!

Hiking enthusiasts will love the Appiano High Mountain Trail, which winds its way just below the Mendola pass and offers a staggering view over the towns of Appiano and Bolzano. Follow the Three Castles Hike for a tour of Appiano’s most notable historic buildings, and if this whets your appetite for cultural attractions, you can plan a visit to the Messner Mountain Museum at Firmiano Castle or a tour of the cathedral in San Paolo. In July and August, the Eppaner Sternstunden initiative encourages you to explore the alleys of San Michele and indulge in a shopping spree until late into the evening.

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